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Let us vote!

Let us vote!

We don’t need more legal curbs on strike ballots, unions need to be allowed to use 21st century voting tools.

Stop the Five Week Wait!

Could you wait 5 weeks for help?

Changes under Iain Duncan Smith’s Universal Credit scheme will mean that anyone who loses their job will have to wait at least five weeks before they receive any financial help from the state.

Join the chain for Bangladesh

Join hands with Bangladesh

24 April is the anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory disaster. Join our online chain to pressure brands who still haven’t paid compensation.

Stop Boris axing London transport staff

Action For Rail logo

Mayor of London Boris Johnson is enthusiastically supporting the government’s London transport budget cuts of 12.5% by planning to close every ticket office on London Underground, cut station staff, and remove guards from London Overground trains. There could also be cuts to essential Tube maintenance and a move to driverless trains. This could lead to…

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