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Fair Pay Fortnight: Tweet for fair pay?

Fair Pay Fortnight

It’s Fair Pay Fortnight from 16 February to 1 March – two weeks of campaigns and activities from Britain’s unions aimed at tackling our growing pay crisis.

We’re coming out of a recession caused by greed and recklessness at the top of the banking industry. But whilst executive pay is booming again, for most Britons we’re still stuck in the longest living standards squeeze since Victorian times.

When wages are low consumers spend less; businesses can’t grow, the Exchequer gets less tax income and the deficit only grows further. We need a new plan for the economy that gets wages growing and keeps them growing.

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Can you help Tweet for fairer pay?

One high profile dispute that could have a big impact right across our low-paid and low security services sector is the campaign currently being led by staff at Picturehouse Cinemas and their union BECTU. They won a significant rise from poverty pay rates at the Brixton branch of the chain, but the company won’t pass the pay rise on to their other cinemas around the country.

Fair Pay Fortnight is a great opportunity to raise the profile of the campaign and increase the pressure for management to talk to the union about improving pay for all their workers.

Can you help us to get Picturehouse’s attention on Twitter? They will be mindful that comments about them will be visible to thousands of potential customers whom they’d rather keep in the dark about their refusal to pay their staff a living wage.

We’ve made a page to make it easy for you to find your local Picturehouse cinema’s Twitter account and to send them a message with just one click.

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16 Feb 15

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