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Make The March

At the TUC, we’re backing a fantastic grassroots project to inject a little creativity and individuality into 20 October’s March For A Future That Works.

It’s a website called Make The March, which builds on the success of last year’s Save Our Placards project in collecting and displaying people’s favourite placards from the 2011 march, to include everything people might be making for the day. It aims to make it easier to find and share inspiring content, spreading the word ahead of the march, and getting people talking about the issues.

It’s only just launched, but there’s more great content being added all the time, from funny placards to thought provoking poetry. There are also interviews with a series of artists and activists on the deep links between creativity and protest.

We hope it’ll become a kind of “The 99%’s Got Talent”, so if you enjoy getting all Blue Peter with your politics and making yourself a unique placard, or feel inspired to pen a October 20th protest song, online video, poem or photoshop satire, go visit the site and upload something now.

There’s even a contest to encourage people to get busy – the five individuals or groups whose work catches the eye of the site’s judges (artist Bob and Roberta Smith, comedian Josie Long, and Mirror political journalist and blogger Kevin Maguire) will each win a £100 prize, which could help them get even more creative in the future.

Visit now to get involved


Small print: The TUC are supporting Make The March, but aren’t responsible for the project or content you might find on their site.

12 Oct 12

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