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New Picturehouse to pay Living Wage: Let’s push for all of them!

Artist's impression of the new Picturehouse

UPDATE 9/1/15: This story is sadly not true!

We apologise for the confusion, but it seems earlier reports that the new West Norwood Picturehouse would pay the London Living Wage were incorrect! A Picturehouse spokesperson has since denied they agreed to this. This is obviously extremely disappointing, and makes it even more important we step up the campaign for living wages across the chain, and let Picturehouse know in very clear terms what their customers expect of them as a very profitable business (please sign the petition if you didn’t yet!).

You can read more about the news report here

There’s been a significant development in cinema workers’ union BECTU’s campaign to win a living wage for all workers in the Picturehouse cinema chain.

The new branch of Picturehouse being opened later this year in West Norwood, south London, will pay its staff the London Living Wage. This isn’t a sudden change of heart from Picturehouse though. It’s the result of Lambeth Council responding to growing public concern and actually making the Living Wage a condition for granting the necessary planning permission.

This shows clearly though that it’s perfectly possible for Picturehouse to pay more to all its staff, not just those in West Norwood – they’ve made the business decision to pay more in the new cinema as they know full well that their profits will support it. And it makes their argument that other branches can’t afford the pay rise even more tenuous.

BECTU and their members across the chain are still working hard to push for living wages everywhere, and coupled with the growing pressure from Picturehouse’s customers, this decision could be a significant moment in the campaign to rid the whole chain of poverty pay.

Can you help ramp up the pressure even more by signing BECTU’s petition if you haven’t done so yet? And if you have, please share it with all your friends, family and coworkers. Every name on the petition will be seen by Picturehouse as a potential customer who is concerned about their increasingly unsustainable position.

Visit BECTU’s petition now!

08 Jan 15

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