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NHS Bill: Lobby your ‘local’ Peer

Launch the Local Peer mapThe House of Lords are currently debating the controversial Health and Social Care Bill, which we believe strikes at the founding principles of the NHS as a genuinely public service.

If you have concerns about the Bill too, the Peers need to hear from you.

But contacting Peers is difficult as they don’t have constituency responsibilities like MPs.

However when Peers are ennobled, they adopt the name of a place with which they have an affinity. It has to be stressed that they don’t necessarily live there, and there’s absolutely no responsibility on them to look after the interests of this area, or take representation from residents, but as they get to choose it, it’s a fair bet they’ll know more about the location, and care about it.

If you have experience and concerns on the health service in your particular area, you can use this to find a Peer who may be more aware of the situation.

We’ve mapped the Peers to their chosen or hereditary locations. Zoom in to your area, and you’ll see the Peers listed as ‘nearest’ to you. If your nearest Peer has a dot on their marker, you can click through to our mailer tool to write them an email about the Health and Social Care Bill.

If you’ve a choice, try to focus on crossbench (non party aligned) or Liberal Democrat Peers, as they may be more likely to consider switching to vote against some aspects of the Bill.

Once you’ve written to them, returning to our Adopt a Peer (random Peer allocation) tool and entering the same email address will match you up again with the same Peer, if you want to make a follow up contact.

Launch the local Peer map now

08 Nov 11

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