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NHS Bill: Write to your local paper

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Please help keep the spotlight on the NHS reforms by writing a letter to your local paper.

The government’s controversial Health and Social Care Bill is nearing the end of its passage through the House of Lords. Peers are currently deciding on final amendments before they vote on the Bill as a whole.

It looks as though the government will then try to speed it through the House of Commons to limit further debate by MPs.

One of the factors that caused the U-turn over the Poll Tax under Margaret Thatcher was that backbench Conservative MPs started to see such a level of opposition in their own constituencies that they feared for their re-election.

Let’s raise the pressure in MPs’ constituencies, to help them understand that how they vote on the Health and Social Care Bill is a major vote loser, or vote winner.

Get started now to find a list of your local papers, and send a letter to the editor.

We’ve grouped together some of the larger circulation local newspapers in your region. These newspapers all reach over 25,000 people (with some getting much more), so getting a mention in one of them would get the message out very widely where you live. Follow the next steps to get some tips on writing to your local paper, and send them an email with your letter.

07 Mar 12

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