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Our Manifesto

Work is important

It’s how we organise our society, and how we distribute any gains we make. We spend a third of our waking hours at work, and it has a profound influence on our identities, our aspirations, our families, our environment and our society.

Going to Work is a project of the TUC, the umbrella organisation for Britain’s trade unions. We aim to unite people who want to see greater fairness and more common sense in the way we work for our economy, and the ways our economy works for us.

We stand for:

  • The opportunity for everyone to access work, safely and for fair reward.
  • Good jobs that give people fulfilment and a chance to develop.
  • More green jobs and a more sustainable economy.
  • Quality public services, available to everyone that needs them.
  • A vibrant and democratic civil society, respecting human rights.

We won’t stand for:

  • People being exploited at work, union members or not.
  • Unfair employment practices and bad political decisions that encourage them.
  • Greed, tax dodging and speculation that damage the productive economy.
  • Inequality that traps people in poverty, debt and drudgery.
  • Business models based on a race to the bottom on standards.

And as internationalists, we hold to these principles for people in other countries, as much as we do for those at home.

Work with us

If you share our vision of a better society, and a better way to work, then join us. It’s easy, all you need is an email address and a willingness to get involved.

From time to time, we’ll set tasks online, asking everyone to come together to make a stronger voice for change. If we can target where things are wrong, and mobilise effectively to fix them, we could move mountains.

We regularly work with trade unions that are part of the TUC family, bringing their expertise and members’ concerns to bear on campaign issues. With more than 6 million affiliated trade unions, TUC unions bring professional insights from inside a wide range of different industries, work roles and employers.

We work with campaign groups, charities, politicians, media, anyone we think can help us get change.

We’d like to work with you too.

This is going to work – This is Going to Work

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