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Health and Social Care Bill: Showdown in the Lords

The government is trying to push its controversial Health and Social Care Bill through the House of Lords as quickly as they can, with the third reading and final vote now set for 19 March.

We’re now in the final few days of the fight to stop this damaging and reckless Bill, which threatens to break up and sell off parts of our health service.

Adopt a Peer

You can help raise concerns about the proposed changes to the NHS by writing to a member of the House of Lords. They aren't as used to individual lobbying as MPs, so receiving personal contacts from members of the public should really get their attention.

Of course, one of the reasons they don't get much contact is that they don't have a direct group of constituents. We can help get around this, using this tool to 'adopt' a Peer. We'll match you at random to a member of the House of Lords and help you to contact them, either directly with a posted letter, or by email.

To get started, add your email address here:

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