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NHS : Last chance for Peers to protect our NHS

The Health and Social Care Bill has been changed since it entered Parliament in January 2011, but it is still a huge threat to our NHS. Recent amendments have done nothing to remove the fundamental dangers of fragmentation, competition, instability and inequity.

As voices of opposition have grown and grown, the government has merely ignored them.

The clamour from virtually every organisation representing the clinicians and professionals who make our NHS work and are being asked to implement these reforms has become inescapable, but has only led to those organisations being shut out of discussions.

More than 170,000 people have signed the official e-petition calling for the Bill to be withdrawn – making it by far the best-supported petition on the Downing street site.

The government refuses to release the risk register for the Bill, despite being told to do so by the Information Commissioner and losing an appeal against this decision.

And now Liberal Democrat spring conference have refused to back the leadership’s call to approve the Bill, yet party leader Nick Clegg is pressing on with support.

Adopt a Peer

Third reading in the House of Lords is likely to be the last chance that politicians get to have a say in a meaningful debate on the Health and Social Care Bill –Monday 19th March is decision day for our NHS.

Please send an email or letter to a Peer, asking them at this late stage to use their votes to protect our NHS, either by voting against the entire Bill or against the most harmful parts.

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