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Petition to ITU country representatives

To: Voting members of the World Conference on International Telecommunications

I strongly oppose any attempt to undermine the fundamental freedoms of citizens online.

I urge you to use your voting power to reject the proposal that would change forever the rules that govern the internet.

I value my access to the internet as information source, a vital mode of communication and a source of connection and global exchange.  My concern is that the treaty would:

  • Allow governments greater powers to restrict access to the internet
  • Increase government ability to monitor and constrain internet usage
  • Charge users for services such as email and Skype
  • Hurt internet users in the poorest countries most of all

This is a direct threat to my right to access the internet that has implications for freedom of association and freedom of speech.

I call on national and international leaders at the UN-convened World Conference on International Telecommunications in Dubai December 3 to 14 to respect the freedom of the internet and reject the ITU proposal to monetise, restrict and regulate the internet.

I urge you to use your voting power to reject this proposal and ensure that the internet remains an open resource that connects the globe. I want a new process that is open and inclusive for all internet users.

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