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Protect the NHS: Health and Social Care Bill photo mosaic

As our MPs sit down to debate the government’s controversial changes to our National Health Service, over a thousand of you have come together to make a giant photo mosaic.

We’ve made a banner sized version of this image, which we’re taking to Westminster for the vote. You can also explore this version above by zooming in and panning around it. Can you find yourself and your friends?

Next steps:

Join the Vigil – Download and display a vigil poster in your window, or change your Twitter or Facebook picture to show you’re supporting the NHS in its darkest hour. There are also several local events you can go to, which you’ll find listed on the False Economy site.

Write to your MP – Use UNISON’s Million Voices Campaign to send a last minute message to your MP, letting them know that you are watching what they do during this debate.

Lobby the Peers – If the Bill is passed in the Commons, it will go on to the Peers for debate and possible revisions. Use our campaign tool to adopt a Peer, and let them know we expect a lot from them if they come to take charge of the Bill.

06 Sep 11

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