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Radio 4 on illegal pay for home care

Some good news – over 10,000 people now have joined UNISON’s petition urging Vince Cable to name and shame the criminal care employers who are illegally denying up to 220,000 care workers the national minimum wage.

Because of the growing number of people calling for action, this morning Radio 4’s Today Program focused on the government’s failure to properly investigate the care sector’s widespread illegal underpayment. You can hear a clip from it here – with reporter Zoe Conway interviewing a care worker.

And there’s even more good news –  a group of MPs have now written a letter to government Ministers calling for them to order a new proactive investigation into the care sector.

The pressure is starting to pay off. If you haven’t signed the petition yet yourself, please do sign it now.

Here are some reasons others have been giving for signing:

  • “When my 94 year old mother was helped to stay in her own home by two wonderful carers I was shocked to discover that they were not only not being paid for travel between clients, but also were made to be self employed and to pay for own training!”
  • “It’s unbelievable that in 2014 the many workers doing such an important job can still be paid less than the legal minimum. Shame on their employers for doing it and on the government for effectively encouraging them to do so.”
  • “People who care shouldn’t have to worry about paying their bills.”

07 Jan 15

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