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Rally To Save Our NHS: LIVE stream and online action

Rally LIVE stream coming 6pm, Wednesday 7 March

Whilst you’re watching the Rally To Save Our NHS, please help us to make a noise online, to make it harder for the government and media to ignore the voices of the health professionals and NHS supporter groups that will be speaking. Here are some suggestions you might like to try:

1. Get Tweeting

If you’re on Twitter, please tweet your reactions to the speakers and the issues they raising. Include the hashtag #SaveOurNHS in each tweet – this should get it trending and noticed by media and influencers.


2. Sign your name

Add your name to the big online petition to drop the Bill, started by Dr Kailash Chand. Dr Chand will be speaking at the Rally. The government are refusing to debate the issue raised by the petition, but getting the count even higher before the deadline may help change their minds.


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3. Adopt a Peer

Use our campaign tool to match yourself up with a member of the House of Lords and lobby them over some of the latest amendments to the Bill.


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4. Get the Facts

Check out False Economy’s helpful leaflet “5 facts you need to know about the NHS Bill” and share it with your friends online.


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5. It’s good to talk

Start a discussion on any bulletin boards or online communities that you use. Tell other members why you’re so worried for the future of our NHS and ask them what they think.


6. Have your say

Visit your favourite newspaper or online media sites and leave a comment on the latest news stories about the NHS. Let’s give supportive comments to writers who’re talking about the level of opposition to the Bill, and put right those who’re sweeping the issues under the carpet.


7. Video nasties

Watch UNISON’s “New NHS” video on YouTube and share it with your friends. It’s a humourous take on a very scary issue.


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8. SMS for the NHS

Text a message of opposition to the Bill to Unite’s Unite4OurNHS campaign. Text “NHS” and your message to 86888.


9. It’s a stick up

38 Degrees members raised funds for a massive billboard campaign asking the government to listen to health professionals and the public. They’ve produced posters and leaflets too, to send to supporters who can display them in a window at home. Getting this message out to every street in the country would be a massive boost to the campaign, so sign up online and they’ll post you one.


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