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Sports Direct in denial following undercover probe

Protest against bad working practices and low pay at Sports Direct

Protest against bad working practices and low pay at Sports Direct

A Guardian undercover investigation has revealed more shameful practices at Sports Direct, including evidence that many of its warehouse staff take home less than the legal minimum wage.

The revelations led to tumbling shares and criticism from organisations ranging from the TUC to the Institute of Directors. Reactions included:

  • “The actions of Sports Direct will leave a scar on British business.”- Simon Walker, Institute of Directors
  • “If these allegations of breaches of the national minimum wage by Sports Direct are true, then it should be setting off alarm bells at HMRC. And I’d fully expect them to investigate and leave no stone unturned.” – John McDonnell, shadow chancellor
  • “It will surprise no one that Sports Direct is hitting the headlines for the wrong reasons again. All workers should be paid at least the minimum wage for every minute they are required to be on company premises.” – Frances O’Grady, TUC
  • “[Docking 15 minutes of pay for clocking in slightly late] is arguably a breach of the national minimum wage, which carries both criminal and civil sanctions.” – Zoe Lagadec, employment lawyer
  • “The culture of fear at Sport Direct’s Shirebrook depot is more akin to a workhouse than a FTSE 100 company.” – Luke Primarolo, Unite

And Sports Direct chief executive Dave Forsey’s response?

  • “We need to do a better job of getting our side of the story over.”

No Dave, you need to change your work practices not your PR.

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What everyone says about Sports Direct

11 Dec 15

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